'Marijuana Nation': The Long View on Pot's Pros and Cons

'Marijuana Nation': the long view on pot's pros and cons

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“Your mind goes to a different place,” he recounts his wife saying, “I can't help think that if you really cared about me, you'd want to be with me.” Roffman threw his pot into a … It can lead to abuse and addiction. It can stunt development of young …
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Medical marijuana ballot item debated

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Jeff Kadel, director of the Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Coalition, warns that legalizing medical marijuana in Florida could lead to more traffic and workplace accidents, as well as addictions to destructive drugs such as heroin and cocaine …
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Support continues to grow for the legalization of medical marijuana in New

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Already, 21 states and Washington, D.C. have such laws in place, and that has brought out the anti-marjuana forces, which continue to point out that making it legal will, among other things, lead to misuse and abuse. There's no denying, however, that …
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Opiate Pain Patient Compliance Protocol and the Impact of Medical Marijuana
Event on 2014-05-09 08:30:00

Opiate Pain Patient Compliance Protocol

The Impact of Medical Marijuana 

It's Coming YOUR Way!!

 The Pain Patient Protocol is a comprehensive program EVERY compliant pain practitioner ought to implement and enforce in their pain management practice. In fact, any physician prescribing over 90 days of narcotic medication to a patient within a 12 consecutive month period of time, ought to attend this conference

Pain management clinicians have the seemingly insurmountable task of providing Best Practices care to their patients in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. The Pain Patient Compliance Protocol was established to assist clinicians in their compliance with statutory requirements for pain management practices, while providing conscientious screening of all clinic patients for risk of developing addictive behaviors as the result of any form of pain intervention with an emphasis on opioid and alcohol use.


Successful implementation of the Pain Patient Compliance Protocol results in early identification of patient non-compliance risks, improved outcomes, and the protection of the physician and clinic licenses. The protocol reduces the likelihood of statutory violations, helps to mitigate any damages resulting from a breach, and serves as evidence of your organization's efforts to fully comply with applicable rules and regulations.


Our methods do not compromise Patient Safety or Best Practices, nor do they create a financial burden.  Our methods have been shown to improve the ability to be coompensated for services rendered.  The seminar entitled, "Opiate Pain Patient Compliance Protocol and The Impact of Medical Marijuana" is the result of 13 years of work in strict adherence to improve patient outcomes and zealously protecting the physician's right to practice with regulatory safeguards.


Discount for Early Registration (See Registration Page)

Call 1.800.375.1859  Ext 410 for further details and available discounts.

at Hyatt Regency Downtown
1 Ave de Lafayette
Boston, United States