Michigan Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Question by rdh48040: michigan drug and alcohol rehab?
anyone know of a really good treatment program…inpatient or outpatient for vicodin and alcohol addiction. also for anger management, depression, marriage, and parenting?

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Answer by longwalker89
this can depend on your age.
I know of a couple really good hospitals in Mi. that u can go to for rehab, depression, etc.. they are mental health facilities.
Kingswood – http://www.henryfordhealth.org/body.cfm?id=37473
Havenwyck – http://www.mhweb.org/oakland/havenwyck.htm
if u r under 18 they also have a long term treatment program .

if this was not what u had in mind here is a link of michigan treatment centers.

if u r willing to travel outside MI, and this is for a child 12-17. i know of a place in utah and arizona that i highly recommend.



i hope that this information is helpful to you. all the places that i have listed , i have been to, as a patient. and highly recomend them. if u have any more questions about hese places, feel free to email me at pigsfly89@yahoo.com

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