My Husband Is in Rehab… I Had to Idea.?

Question by Beth: my husband is in rehab… I had to idea.?
My husband was admitted to a rehab facility 60 miles away from me on Friday after walking to his unioon representative and telling them he had a problem. I had no idea but he had been taking xanax that was prescribed by a doctor since august, was taking them before that by getting them off the streets and has been on prescription pain killers (i knew that) for about a year but he runs out about 2 weeks early and gets them off the street. He has had an emtional relationship with another woman for the last 2 months through text messaging… all kinds of stuff is coming out now that he is there. I am going to an al-anon meeting locally on thursday but am having a really hard time finding support for people with family members who are abusing narcotic prescription drugs. Does anyone know of any online resources?? I live in Indiana…

we have a 2.5 year old and she asks me every night to send her daddy in there to tell her good night. THis is so hard… I am lost and dont know what to do. Our christmas tree is up in the attic so someone is supposed to be coming over to get it down but its going to be hard putting it up without him. Thats his favorite part… He will be gone for a month.

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Answer by Peter
I would go see him.

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