Nigel Farage Wants Britain to Follow Portugal Where HEROIN Is Legal

Nigel Farage wants Britain to follow Portugal where HEROIN is legal

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Those caught with drugs within these limits must report to a 'warning commission on addition' which can send them to rehab if they are deemed to have a problem. Experts are divided on how well this has worked, with no big increase in drug use as some …
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Fairfax antidrug group warns of marijuana's dangers

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“My life is still being written,” said Chris Leibowitz, 26, of battling a marijuana addiction that began at age 13 and developed into an addiction to painkillers and eventually heroin. “I knew something was wrong. I wasn't denying it,” he said. “If you …


WJH hold information day on drug and alcohol awareness

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In the evening, there will be an Open House and Information night about drugs and alcohol abuse. This evening is open to anyone in the community who is would like to learn more about drug and alcohol issues in Weyburn. From 6:30 p.. to 9 p.m. the Grade …
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Jumping for Show: Drug Abuse in the Equestrian World – Records show that since 2010, random drug tests of horses competing at equestrian events have tested positive for substances such as cocaine, antipsychotics …