Good Inpatient Rehab Centers??

Question by dalmatianguy2002: Good inpatient rehab centers??
I have a friend who has agreed to enter rehab for a long battle with alcohol, the only problem is deciding what kind of program to go to. He has tried AA several times and an outpatient facility here in MO with little success. He does not want to go to a AA or 12 step based program. I have found many such as Passages in Malibu, CA, and others as well that offer what’s called a “holistic” approach. Does anyone have any advice and know if these sort of places can work??

What Is the Most Effective Non-Drug Treatment for ADHD?

Question by rmnbanrga: What is the most effective non-drug treatment for ADHD?
Please do NOT include medications, my son can’t take them because he loses too much weight.

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Answer by Turd Ferguson
put him into a sport of martial, concentrate his effort into something constructive

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Whats the Addiction Rate for Cocaine?

Question by : Whats the addiction rate for cocaine?
I doing a study in school about the dangers of drugs

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Answer by Abbssss
According to a study of 1081 US residents aged over 11 years who had used cocaine for the first time within 24 months prior to assessment, the risk of becoming cocaine-dependent within 2 years of first use (recent-onset) is 5-6%; after 10 years, it increases to 15-16%. These are the aggregate rates for all types of use considered, i.e., smoking, snorting, injecting. Among recent-onset users, the relative rates are higher for smoking (3.4 times) and much higher for injecting. They also vary, based on other characteristics, such as sex: among recent-onset users, women are 3.3 times more likely to become addicted, compared to men; age: among recent-onset users, those who started using at ages 12 or 13 were 4 times as likely to become addicted, compared to those who started between ages 18 and 20.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center Can Help People or Not?

Question by : Drug addiction treatment center can help people or not?

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Answer by Artista
Yes definitely, you can get over an addiction and detox and a program will help, ESPECIALLY if it is a 12 step or bible based program . That demon will leave if you resist it, But he likes to come back, so get into the word of God and start praying and truly be set free like me. I was battling but now its all gone..Look to the cross, Call upon Jesus, Repent. Ask Him to help. He has never ever let me down.
May God bless you.

My Father Has Always Been Addicted to Methamphetamines. What Can I Possibly Do? I Live in Vinemont, Alabama.

Question by Jacques K: My father has always been addicted to methamphetamines. What can I possibly do? I live in Vinemont, Alabama.

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Answer by Mason G
You can find drug rehab centers in your area. See the directory centered on your city and state. Look into free advice on how to intervene. Best wishes to you.

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Can You Feel Compassion for a Drug Dealer?

Question by Manny R: Can you feel compassion for a drug dealer?
everyone on this sites seems to hate dealers as if they were the devil himself. I’m from Roxbury MA (part of Boston) and a lot of the kids in my HS deal but because they’re families are living in poverty or don’t care for their children and drug money is the only way for them to get decent food, clothes, and support for their siblings. One side of me hates dealers because they bring down the community but another side feels sorry for the teenager living in degradation who feels like it’s hopelss. Any opinions?