RE: A Wrist Band That Indicates That Substitute Blood Is Not to Be Used on a Patient?

Question by anmlprht: RE: A wrist band that indicates that substitute blood is not to be used on a patient?
I read about a substitute for blood that was used in some hospitals on a
trial basis. Unless the patient was wearing a wrist band that indicated
that the substitute blood was not to be used, the hospital had a legal
right to use the artificial blood without notifying the patient.
Where can these wrist bands can be obtained?
google “artificial blood” and there is an article about it from CNN.
This article is from 2004. I can’t find the more recent article that mentions the wrisbands.
Information just found. PolyHeme produced by Northfield Labs in Northfield,Illinois.

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Answer by MartMo
May I ask where you got your information from?

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