Safety Council Report: Few States on Top of Prescription Drug Abuse

Safety Council Report: Few States on Top Of Prescription Drug Abuse

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The report, “Prescription Nation: Addressing America's Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic,” credits only Kentucky, Vermont and Washington for their ability to meet standards in four areas identified by the nonprofit education and advocacy group as …
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Oreos are like cocaine – to lab animals

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“Our goal was to design a study to explore the hypothesis that high-fat, high-sugar foods have the same addictive potential as drugs of abuse,” Honohan said. As for why Oreos were chosen rather than a high-fat, high-sugar rat chow, Schroeder said, “We …
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The man behind the camera

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In addition, Bonsant said Vigue played a key role in the development and guidance for public access in 70 Maine communities, for taking the time to answer questions and conduct research and his work ensuring local people “have free and open access to …
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Prescription drug addiction in Maine: A mother’s story


Brockton Police Community Education Nights
Event on 2013-11-12 18:00:00

We will have a 45 minute presentation by Officer Nancy Leedberg of the Brockton Police Community Education Unit and then a 15 Q&A, please bring a friend. Registration open to ALL parents, primarily geared toward parents of middle schools children.  Children will NOT be allowed to attend.  Must pre- register to attend. Future event topics will be announced here. Future dates will be 12/17/13 and 1/21/14.

NotMYkid is a 45 minute drug awareness presentation for parents of middle schools students, with prevention in mind. The presentation will guide you through how to have a conversation with your child about drugs. This presentation is geared toward the educational needs of all parents which is why we call it notMYkid, as all kids are affected by drugs and alcohol. Please register to join us to learn the current trends, slang that children are using, and other statistics you should be aware of. One crucial component of this program is education of parents in locking up prescription medicines to help prevent opioid addictions on the South Shore.

We realize the challenges that families face today are complex and have the potential to devastate lives and derail futures. It is extremely important to work together to protect the kids in our community. The average age a child will first try drugs is 13. Studies indicate that people who reach 21 without engaging in destructive behaviors are likely to never do so, which is why we passionately educate about current trends, warning signs and the long-term impact of destructive behaviors. We believe proactive prevention on the part of kids, families and communities is the answer to long-term success.

at Brockton Public Library System – Main Library
304 Main Street
Brockton, United States