Should One Take Aspirin When Having Stroke Symptoms?

Question by Hatikvah: Should one take aspirin when having stroke symptoms?

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Answer by Doggs2
Hmm..good question which type of stroke are we talking? There are two types
Aspirin, an anti-thrombotic drug, is an immediate treatment after an ischemic stroke, blocking an artery, to reduce the likelihood of having another stroke.
Its not so clear with the hemorrhagic stroke involving bleeding into the brain.

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I find it a little unsettling that complete strangers would ask complete strangers, who have NO connection to them what-so-ever, questions regarding their health care. Having said that…my first two initials are D.R. so, since I have received some mail through the United States Postal Service giving me the title of Dr. Oggs..well of course I am a doctor that cares for your safety.
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