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Drug Misses Mark, but May Do Some Good in Diabetic Nephropathy

Drug Misses Mark, but May Do Some Good in Diabetic Nephropathy

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LAS VEGAS — Although it missed its primary endpoint, a phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor may have some effects in diabetic nephropathy, researchers reported here. In a multicenter, randomized controlled … To see if the drug has wider use in diabetic …
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Tennessee Bill Could Send Addicted Moms To Jail

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I Want to Work in a Addiction Treatment Center?

Question by Mark S: I want to work in a addiction treatment center?
I only have a GED what must I do to get a job at a treatment center for drugs and alcohol. I was an addict and now have 12 years clean and want to work as an addiction concealer doing classes and give assessments so I need collage but don’t know what courses to take here in washington state

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Answer by Steve
I believe there is a certificate program for drug and alcohol counseling. Make an appointment with a counselor at a local community college and get info on the track you need to take.

Can Anyone Enlighten Me on the Drug Problems in the Appalachian Mts?

Question by Grunge blossom: Can anyone enlighten me on the drug problems in the Appalachian Mts?
I would like to become a drug addiction therapist in the near future. My dream is to help the people of the Appalachian Mts and mining towns of WV who have drug addictions.

Why are drugs a big part of life in the mountains?

thank you, and i hope i did not offend anyone. i understand that many people who live in those regions do not have drug problems. but i watched a show about the drugs that are prevalent there, and it touched me deep inside. i want to help : )
thank you everyone!
Nuit: if i set up a therapy practice for drug addiction somewhere in WV where drugs are very prevalent, would i get clients?

What Are Your Experiences With Depot Lupron?

Question by ScTwin1: What are your experiences with depot lupron?
I have had horrible side effects from the Depot Lupron shot (3-months doasage), now I am not talking about depot provera, this is a stronger shot to treat endometriosis. It has helped with the pain and lessened the growths, but I have bad hot flashes, weight gain, dryness, the list goes on. Anyone have better experience with it? Can anyone suggest an alternative treatment?? BCPs don’t work, i tried them already.

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Answer by A Healthier You
Stay FAR away from Lupron!!!!!

This Is a Question for People Like Doctors I Guess I Could Say….?

Question by Christy: This is a question for people like doctors I guess I could say….?
How do you deal with blood? And sticking people with needles? I mean, I’m ok with a needle as long as it’s not coming towards me. I’m not the touchy kind of person and don’t feel comfortable around doctors. Does anybody else feel that way?

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Answer by loser;;
meee! oh i hate doctors. blood=gross.

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Drug Questions??? (Health Class)?

Question by : drug questions??? (health class)?
1. a person who is dependent on a drug is controlled by a _____ or _____ desire for it.
2. the body of a person who regularly uses or abuses a drug will eventually form a resistance, or _______, to that substance.
3. the sense of please that is associated with the use of cocaine, it is often followed by ________.
4. what are 2 narcotics that are used in hospitals for patients in severe pain?
5. name 3 options for recovering drug abusers.

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Answer by Hannah
2.addiction 5.intervention,treatment,treatment