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My Journey From Homeless Drug Addict to Magna Cum Laude

My Journey From Homeless Drug Addict To Magna Cum Laude

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I did my time and, with the help of my family, I was paroled into a residential treatment center. The day I walked in was truly the first day of the rest of my life. My mind was ready to embrace the idea of a second chance. At a 12-step meeting at the …
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How we can fight the prescription drug abuse epidemic

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How Do U Get a Inmate in a Drug Program?

Question by sexxy: how do u get a inmate in a drug program?

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Answer by americanfreeman
you require him to attend meetings. It has a very low rate of success, but is better than nothing,

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Watch Attorney General Eric Holder Announce Major Changes to Criminal Justice System – Attorney General Eric Holder announced the Justice Department’s plan to no longer pursue mandatory minimum prison sentences for non-violent drug offenders. H…


Draper prison might be rebuilt or relocated

Thesis Statement for Research Paper,Three Prong Thesis Help?

Question by Bob: Thesis statement for research paper,three prong thesis help?
Hi im doing an argumentative research paper on prison overpopulation. And i was looking for anyone who could help me pick out my three prongs for my thesis statement, i have so far…guards are indangered because they are understaffed and prisons are over the maximum numbers of inmates, and it costs too much money to keep a man in prison(as in we give them too many benefits,weights,baskeball,tv,etc…)and my last one is the laws in this country allow prisoners to play with the system…if you have any better ones or any ideas at all please tell me/comments are welcome thankyou

What Are Symptoms of Teen Depression?

Question by Katana: What are symptoms of teen depression?
I’ve been very irritable lately. I get very upset over the littlest things and I don’t know why. I have no desire to do things I used to love. Nothing sounds fun anymore. I usually just end up isolating myself in my room all day, but I feel very lonely. I have trouble staying asleep, I either eat too much or barely at all. Could these be signs of depression? Also, both my mom and dad have pretty severe depression and take medication for it. I’ve had this on and off for a while and I’m not too sure what to do about it. If it is depression of some sort, what are treatment options and how do I tell my mom that I’m depressed. Answers are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Drug Addiction & Prison Sentences?

Question by Free Thinker: Drug addiction & prison sentences?
There is a young man that I know who has been addicted to crack cocaine for a long time. He went to prison nearly 4 years ago, was just released to a work release program then with the intense pressure put on him to obtain employment under very stringent regulations and in a very depressed economy along with the fact that his mother is dying a very horrible death, he requested to be sent back to his previous facility to serve the remainder of his sentence. That request was rejected, 2 days later he obtained crack and got high out of desperation. He was caught and sent back to prison. Now the dept of corrections wants to charge him with up to 15 years for possession on a correctional facility.
He is in solitary confinement for 150 days which in my opinion is cruel and unusual punishment.

How Do People Feel About Exfelons Having Restoration of Rights in Florida?

Question by Your D: How do people feel about exfelons having Restoration of Rights in Florida?
Florida Exfelons and Restoration of Civil Rights. Feb. 3, 2008