The Best Sunscreen for Me+ Makeup Help?

Question by Jamie: The best sunscreen for me+ makeup help?
I’m trying to prevent pre mature wrinkles and sun damage, and I burn very easy ( red head, who would have guessed…) and I was wondering what is the best sunblock for me? I have regular skin, but I do have a acne and blackheads. For this reason, I always use a primer ( spf 15, but it doesn’t really help) and foundation. In what order should i fit in sunscreen? I don’t want sunscreen that smells strong ( I don’t want others to smell sunscreen because I know that I hate the smell), or makes my face shiny, or causes my makeup to slide off. What is a great every day wear sunblock? Please keep it cheap. Like I said I burn easily, thanks 🙂

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Answer by JoLene
I’m a blonde, and I have rosacea, meaning my skin tone is naturally red and it’s impossible for me to tan. I have moderate acne, so I use Maybelline BB cream in the lightest shade. It’s basically a tinted moisturizer that has SPF 30. On a hot day I went up to the mountain to play in the snow and amazingly I didn’t get burned only wearing this. For oil control I’d suggest using a shine-free primer before putting it on. Hope this helps 🙂

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