Trying to Fight Alcohol Addiction of 25 Years, Any Help?

Question by mummy: Trying to fight alcohol addiction of 25 years, any help?
My father has an alcohol addiction for about 25 years now and decided that its time to call it quits. Alcoohl destroyed his first marriage and now is at risk of loosing another wife and 9-year-old daughter. What should he do to stop completely? Any steps he should take?

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Answer by The Name’s Girly J!
alcohol should never ever enter the household again. Alcohol should not be purchased by the wife, by friends or anyone eating with the family when the family goes out to dinner. Support systems are critical. Friends, family, everyone is really getting sober when one person is getting sober. Everyone’s involved.
He just needs to remember that although it is brutally hard, and he will feel sick and depressed…he just needs to remember “alcohol or my family.” Wish him luck!

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