What Are Some of the Possible Outcomes and Impacts of Gay Adoption?

Question by Jay: What are some of the possible Outcomes and Impacts of Gay Adoption?
I’m doing a school project and I’m having a bit of trouble finding information…
I need to gather some of the following info:

Who are the stakeholders? (Who all is involved? example: children being adopted; lesbian/gay parents; etc)

What are some possible Outcomes?

What are some possible Impacts?

If you possible, can you list your sources, because I need to cite them for credit on the assignment. This is due in a few days Please Help!!!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Stupid people sicken me.
Myth #1: There have been no studies on the impact on children that have been raised by gay parents.

Answer: FALSE -There was a 15 year study and it concluded that the only negative effect of children being raised by gay parents came with having to deal with the homophobia of others.

Myth #2:
Children raised in gay families will grow up gay themselves or gender confused at the very least.

Answer: FALSE – Children raised in gay families have no more or less tendency to ‘become’ gay as adults.

Myth #3: Marriage is about society and not the happiness of the people involved.

Answer: False. Marriage is nothing but a contract before the state for LEGAL matters. What you say and do before your god has nothing to do with the LEGAL documentation of the LEGAL document of a marriage certificate in the United States.

Denying a loving potential parent the ability to take a child in need out of the hell of state care is INSANE.

My personal experience with the outcome of children raised in state care has opened my eyes to the torture, rape, and dug abuse that these children experience AFTER they are taken out of the custody of their abusive biological parents!!

I know TWO men that have killed themselves because they couldn’t cope with the memories of the rape and torture that they experienced at the hands of the California and Arizona Foster care systems.

My friend, Ed, was EVENTUALLY adopted by a loving family but between the abuse suffered at the hands of his biological parents… the mom was 15 when she gave birth, the dad was in his 40’s… Then the rape at the foster home by the ‘caregiver’, then being used as slave labor by the foster family he was given to, then the abuse back at the state home after he was tossed back…

It led to MAJOR mental illness so that by the time he was given to a family that actually loved him and cared for him, he was pretty much damaged beyond repair… He slipped in to drug abuse to dim the memories and that led to dropping out of high school and more drug abuse… That led to his eventual accidental overdose on the front lawn of his girlfriend’s house…

If you REALLY can’t see the difference between letting these kids be raped and abused in Foster Care and giving the child to a loving yet unconventional home then you have MAJOR problems that have nothing to do with the Foster Care system or the gay lifestyle.

Lets say, for the sake of argument, that giving a child to a gay couple does ‘make them gay’. (Which it doesn’t but I’ll play the game.)

What would be better for the child?

The possibility that the child may grow up gay or the possibility that the child will end up an empty, emotionally, physically, and mentally abused husk that ends up being dependant on the very system that destroyed them in the first place?

Would you REALLY say that rape and abuse is better then the chance that the kid would grow up healthy but gay?

If you answer “I would rather the child be raped and abused” then you need to sit down and have a LONG conversation with your god about your morals…

Sorry this is so long but I have some VERY strong feelings about this topic… Not the “Gay” part but the treatment of needy children in general in our society and in our world.

Court Sets Broad Definition for ‘Parent’

LGBT adoption – List of Laws, State by State

Check out the External links at the bottom of the page… They have link to MANY MANY resources on this topic.

The New Family Social

Famlies Joined By Love

Religion Plays Strong Role in Gay Unions

Check these vids out… The 2nd link has a LOT of actual facts, studies, and statistics.

Lewis Black speaks on Gay Marriage and the Traditional Family:

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! It answers a LOT of questions…

*** Season 3 Episode 2 “Family Values” ***
There’s a hysteria in America. A hysteria about what’s become known as “the traditional family” and the desperate urgency to “save” it. And this rallying cry is not just coming from right wing conservatives and religious groups in the Red States (although, they’re doing their share of tub-thumping.) The media (advertisers) and the government also have a vested interest in perpetuating the traditional concept of family: mother, father, two kids, dog and picket fence. But this hysteria is ignoring a key fact… The “traditional family” is bullshit.

The traditional family structure may be for some, but it isn’t for everyone. Shouldn’t we stop trying to jam square pegs into round holes? Isn’t it time for “Bullshit” to redefine the definition of “family?”

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