What Are the Long Term, and Immediate Addiction Problems, That Occur From Houghing Alcohol?

Question by Cody Dombrowski: What are the long term, and immediate addiction problems, that occur from houghing alcohol?
What are the long term, and immediate addiction problems, that occur from houghing alcohol? How imposing does an addiction pose in an “addict”? What is the lifelong effect?

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Answer by pokeykitty
Okay, I am an addict and have been for 16 years. I have been in recovery for 4 months and I know the immediate and long term affects of many different drugs and addiction in General. I am also a Paramedic and know first hand the effects of huffing, and brain damage is the most serious consequence. Keep in mind that this can affect different areas of the brain and cause severe long and short term memory loss, convulsions, seizures, shortness of breath, dizziness, loss of consciousness, speech impediments and ultimately death.
Don’t be ashamed about your addiction. A very large part of our population is made up of people suffering from addiction. It is actually quite common. If you decide you want help please go to http://www.aa.org/?Media=PlayFlash.
Take care.

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