What Are the Negative Consequences of Drug Use and Abuse?

Question by jjthenerd: What are the negative consequences of drug use and abuse?
I also need the contacts to various support groups and community services that can help with quitting addiction, for example Kids Help Line (the contacts of which I also need). Please include suggestions for making decisions regarding drug use. I’d also like POSITIVE alternitives to drug use.

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Answer by back2skewl
Negatve effects of drugs. Well lets see , lost of family connections, stealing, need for more drugs which leads to dishonesty, possibly rape, sexually transmitted diseases, lost of motor skills, accidential overdose and worst of all Death. What are some good contacts, try Church and seeking Christ. Kids obviously give into peer pressures, make a strong connection with your kids. Parents actually who spend time with their kids develop a strong bond and will be able to tell if there is anything going on. Also monitor who their friends are. Once you have done that you have set the foundation for a solid friendship. But also remember you have to be a parent too. I know growing up when I was a teen I had a strong base of friends through church that helped me stay straight. There are also good things to be done at school, the Fellowship of Chrisian Athletes et cetra..Also let them know that staying away from drugs makes it easier to gain employment. In this day and age there is always going to be a drug test. If they are also drug free, then applying for scholarships is easy, because there is now a spot on the applications for prior drug use and arrests, which they go hand and hand.

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