What Are the Problem With Drug Rehabilitation Programs ?

Question by Ashley: What are the problem with drug rehabilitation programs ?
I want to know if drug rehabilitation programs have any world issue

Like if they think there needs to be more funding or less
What it needs to make it better perhaps like if you were to put forward a bill for drug rehabilitation programs what would it cover
Thank you ^^

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Answer by Matt
The biggest problem with rehab programs is that each individual is unique and requires a different plan to overcome addictions. It is costly to identify what works best for each individual, and most times even more costly to maintain the program for the individual as they conquer the addictions. Many times the people do great while they are away from the influence but fall right back into the addictive trap once they are reintroduced to their old way of life which is common.

There are many drug rehab programs throughout the U.S. and each receive funding from the U.S Federal Government and local State Government. When the program does not produce an expected number of completers for the program is dissolved. If the Government is facing financial hardships the programs are usually the first to be dissolved because it is cheaper to put the convict in the pen for 3-5 years at $ 35,000 per year then to address the issue at hand. This is why our prisons are at 98% capacity since the 1990’s. When that is the case we will see them back in the correctional system in about 6-8 months after they are initially released.

Usually in the rehab programs there is the following but not limited to: group therapy, individual therapy, sometimes synthetic drugs in controlled reducing amounts, spa treatments, Eastern medicine treatments, community service, 12 step programs, community involvement, jail, fines, fees, court, lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists little rewards such as a candy bar or free time, and sanctions such as no visits for a month, report more frequently for testing, not being able to work, etc…
The idea is to give them something then be able to take it away when they relapse.

You can call your local sheriff department and ask what programs they have for rehab at the moment and what kind of sanctions and rewards the convicts are receiving.

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