What Are the Problems of Shopping Addiction?

Question by bossy: What are the problems of shopping addiction?
What are the family, financial, and occupation problems of shopping addiction?

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Answer by Lauren P
SEVERE debt, banrupcy, horrible credit. It can also be hard to get a new job if you have bad credit.

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Time for some high-street innovation

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These ailments, known as 'compulsive buying disorder' and 'overshopping', consist of a putative addiction to shopping with the attending problems of consumer debt and obesity (4). Second, and this is the most ludicrous accusation made against modern …
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Princeton shirks its tax obligations, says lawsuit

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Should Princeton University, a not-for-profit institution, have to pay taxes? Residents of Princeton, N.J., think so. “They are one of the wealthiest entities of humankind and they are refusing to pay their property taxes,” said Bruce Afran, a lawyer …
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Drug overdose deaths spike among middle-aged women

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KOCO/KOKH/CNN) – Imagine going shopping with your children at a local supermarket and then suddenly having your child plucked right out of the shopping cart and held hostage. That's exactlyMore >>. Imagine going …. That means doctors …
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