What Can I Do About My Sister Spending Her Sons SSI on Drugs?

Question by johnsonpe4: What can I do about my sister spending her sons SSI on drugs?
My nephew is on SSI for reasons not completely known to me. My sister is his custodial parent but does not provide for him in the slightest. My mother/his grandmother who is disabled herself and can barely care for herself is the one who actually takes care of him. Every month when his money comes in. Money meant to keep him fed clothed and housed in school. Is instead spent on her drug addiction. I’ve gone so far as to spend my own money to get him socks because she won’t. But I can provide for him completely because I have 2 sons of my own who I raise by myself. He has next to no clothes and has even recently been expelled from school. But that’s all besides the point. Over the passed year I have reported her to social security twice and they have done NOTHING to stop her. So a few days ago I called the sheriffs department to see what they could do. Apparently they can do nothing apart from catching her with her junk on her. What else can I do to help stop what she is doing? I really could care less about her drug habit. But she should not be doing it on my nephews money. Any real tips or advice would be nice and VERY helpful. Thanks in advance.
1. My nephew does not live with me.

2. The Sheriffs deputy did take the report and did a wellness check on my nephew and they are watching her (my sister) now for drug activity. But yes he did say he would forward the info to CPS.

3. I have solid proof and eye witnesses including our own parents.

4. I just got off the phone with the local Social Security Office. Apparently the first thing I did wrong was to make my original reports on the online social security websites. They have the report now where they can actually do something about it. I’m told, as the only able person left in the family. I would likely become his payee. But that remains to be seen.

5. On a side note. I want my sister in jail for this social security abuse more than anything. Then by proxy she’ll also be forced off the drugs.

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Answer by Protect Yourself
She needs help by the sounds of it.

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