What Can I NOT Buy W/ My Food Stamps, in Tennessee?

Question by saberwolf_19: What can I NOT buy w/ my Food Stamps, in Tennessee?
I know I can’t get non-food items, but what about food restrictions?

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Answer by blackratsnake
hot food items

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Meningitis lawsuit says TN senator-doctor gave tainted injection

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The next day she was hospitalized, the suit states, and remained ill and under treatment for several months. Defendants in the suit include the neurosurgical center, the owners of the drug compounding company that produced the steroid and a testing …
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Tenn. meningitis relapse case draws attention

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Fungal meningitis is extremely rare, and last year's outbreak is blamed on injectable steroids that were contaminated with mold from the now-closed New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts. Because the disease is so rare, health officials have …
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Recurrence is first to be documented 1 full year after outbreak became public

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“The patient was admitted to Saint Thomas West Hospital on Oct. 3 and is now receiving appropriate treatment at the hospital,” Climer said in a prepared statement. She said the patient had contracted fungal meningitis in the original … The local …
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