What Do U Think on Question 2 in Massachusetts About Marijuana?

Question by saad: What do u think on question 2 in Massachusetts about marijuana?
The question is if someone is caught with possession of marijuana (one ounce or less for their personal use) they should get it taken away and a fine for $ 100 if you are over 18. If under 18 you get it taken away $ 100 fine the police notify your parents and a one year drug rehab.If not finished under a year you have to pay $ 1000 fine. I personally vote YES because if u make a mistake you shouldn’t be penalized for the rest of your life. You can’t get a good ,well paying job because you had possession.

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Answer by billparkhurst
If alcohol and tobacco are legal for those over 18 then so should be marijuana. It should not be politicized. All the research clearly shows that alcohol and tobacco are far more toxic than pot.

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