What Does Drug Intervention Actually Mean?

Question by destinie s: What does drug intervention actually mean?
I’ve heard a lot of people talk about drug intervention and I don’t have any idea about it. I am interested to know because one of my family members is a victim of drug abuse. We are planning to make him go under rehab, but we don’t know how to do it.

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Answer by catherine_ann
Good that you want to know about drug intervention because it’s something that you may really need. Drug intervention is the efforts of friends and family to convince a substance abuser to seek help or treatment. Usually, people who are suffering from substance abuse are in denial and can’t admit to themselves that they have a problem. For more information about drug intervention and to know more information on how you can help your family member, access the links below.

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Assessing Adolescent Substance Abuse.mp4 – Identifying components that need to be considered in a.Assessment of adolescent substance abuse. Risk factors, functional analysis, and treatment planning are discussed.


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