What Does It Mean When CPS Comes Twice in One Investigation?

Question by RachieRoo: What does it mean when CPS comes twice in one investigation?
Okay so far we’ve had a school visit with me, a counselor, and a case worker, then we had a house visit in the middle of a Sunday night and now they came but we weren’t home. My dad got a call saying they’d be back. When they came earlier they left a notice saying “the child” (me) can be taken at any time by CPS without a court order or parental consent. What does all this mean? We have also had a previous case before with them. My mom has a history of drug abuse and recently called a hotline in a prescription drug abuse rampage. Please help me. Am I being taken?

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Answer by Walter
It means CPS considers you at risk, and it is possible you could be removed from the current household you are in to a safer location

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