What Episode of House Is This Quote From?

Question by Jamie Bradburn: What episode of House is this quote from?
Where Gregory House is talking to Wilson about his drug addiction. I believe it was after House was in a hospital bed…? I’m not sure. I’d like to know the full quote, as well. It is something along the lines, “… and I feel nothing, which feels great.” Thanks!
I actually want to know the full quote, or at least what episode number and what season this is from.

Best answer:

Answer by Rusty Shacklford
I am a House fanatic i have seen every episode to date.

It could also be from the episode when he tries to disprove a former classmate of his that has found a cure to migraines. House induces an intense migraine and throughout the rest of the show is in a lot of pain. He supposedly takes LSD he later then passes out in the locker room and brought to a room for care. When he wakes up Wilson is upset with Houses actions. At the end of the episode he cures himself of the migraine and could have said the given quote.

Hope this helps

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