What Is an Example of an Operational Definition? in Sociology. for Ex the Operational Definition of Bullying?

Question by Christina: what is an example of an operational definition? in sociology. for ex the operational definition of bullying?
i have to write a reflection paper about my life and include 5 social problems including operational definitions for those… i was thinking using bullying, mental illness, drug abuse, physical abuse and cant think of one last one. but could someone help with the operational definitions for those?

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Answer by gershom t
operational definition is how you define these concepts such as bullying, mental illness, drug abuse, physical abuse.

operational definitions are used because not everyone’s concept of bullying, for example, is the same. maybe some people think it’s only bullying when its really physical, like someone pushing you around hard and locking you in your own locker. other people may think that it’s also psychological, like crap talking and insulting you.

operational definition is simply YOUR definition or the one you want to use in research/most widely accepted/average.

more specifically, it has to be measurable. you can’t say, lets measure bullying, or drug abuse, without some kind of RULES specifying what falls into the category and what doesnt. for example, for drug abuse, how much drugs need to be used? what kind? for how long? for what reasons?

this should help you clarify what operational definitions are, as opposed to theoretical definitions.

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