What Is the Most Intoxicating Thing You Can Do to Your Body?

Question by italianovenizio1392: What is the most intoxicating thing you can do to your body?
Think about all the things you see on Health and News channels all the talk about smoking, drinking, drug abuse. Do you really know what the MOST intoxicating thing you could do to your body? We do it everyday unknowingly and care-free but it injures our bodies! Serious answers only!

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Could This Concealed-Carry Law Actually Pass? – Chicago magazine

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Interim Bloomington Police Chief R.T. Finney said he agrees with making schools or universities gun-free, but it's important to have consistency across the state. Otherwise … provisions: applicants won't get a permit if they've been a respondent to a …
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Heroin overdoses concern Fredericksburg area officials

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BY KEITH EPPS / THE FREE LANCE–STAR. Police are investigating a rash … “A lost life to drug addiction is a tragic reminder of the need to rid our county of those selling illegal substances,” Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins said. Jenkins said …
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First DARE Contest Winner Encourages Fellow Students at Kiwanis Recognition

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“These kids couldn't do it without your support,” Poston told them, “and I see it in the district attorney's office that the kids we deal with and the adults that we deal with generally come from homes that don't have that kind of support. That support …
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