What Is/are the Root Cause(s) of the Increase in Marriage Breakups in Western Countries, Be It UK or the USA?

Question by chimoske: What is/are the root cause(s) of the increase in marriage breakups in Western countries, be it UK or the USA?
By statistics marriages in developed countries (Western countries) are more likely or prone to breakups than those from developing countries.Does the individualistic culture of Western countries contribute to these marriage breakups?


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Yes. Not only that, but “Generation Zero”, a.k.a. the Hippies and Post-War Generation that decided that individual happiness and rebellion, sexual freedom, and a TOTAL AND UTTER LACK OF APPROPRIATE BOUNDARIES when raising their children has led us down a path where the generation after the hippies were emotionally damaged, mentally damaged, and unable to form proper relationships with THEIR partners due to their lack of coping mechanisms, stability, and boundaries.

Watch “Locked Up Abroad” and you will see that almost every single American that gets suckered in to smuggling drugs etc. internationally starts their stories with “My hippy mom was never there for me. She was too busy dancing and doing drugs and her friends touched me as a child so I fled to Brazil to “Find Myself” and got suckered in to being a drug mule.”

The instances of child molestation reached pandemic proportions in the 60’s and 70’s because parents were too stoned to keep track of their kids or they saw the 13 year old being raped by the 30 year old friend as “The 13 year old expressing her sexuality!”

The implicit and explicit abuse by “Generation Zero” on the next generation has caused a culture where rape and molestation doesn’t get treatment… Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are seen as their “LifeStyle Choice”… And parents swear up and down that they can “Swing” and bring in new Step Mommies/Daddies in every week, or keep their BDSM Gear hanging on the back of the bedroom door that because they are not doing these things “In front of the Children”, the children are not picking up on what is REALLY going on and that it isn’t damaging their developing psyche.

It is always the Alcoholic or Meth Addicted mom that screams “I DON’T DO DRUGS IN FRONT OF MY CHILD! I LOVE MY CHILD! I’M A GREAT MOM!” the loudest… And if they stopped to look at the damage they are doing to their offspring, they would be disgusted to the point of putting a shot gun in their mouths rather than look in the eyes of their kids and TRULY UNDERSTAND how they have been abusing them.

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