What Negative Effects Come From Perscription Opiate Use, Constantly for Say 2-3 Years?

Question by Anonymous: What negative effects come from perscription opiate use, constantly for say 2-3 years?
nose is dry
The withdrawals surprisingly aren’t noticeable.

People opiates are only as dangerous as the person taking them, allows them to be.

My will power to quit is good, but i don’t want to quit yet..
So what will happen to someone who was addicted, continued his addiction..

Death is not an answer, unless your stupid enough to overdose..my name is anonymous, not stupid;)

basically if one was to continue snorting these opiates, what permanent effects will result?

Thank you
Idk what those sites are, so I’m staying right here:)

Best answer:

If you have been taking for that long in a daily basis you better be prepared when you quit because I assure you it will be worse than a dry nose. Your best bet will be to taper, if u can get a doctors help to do all the better . But you better make sure you have enough to taper with, go on line and check the blogs they will be of great help but start this process way before you are planning to stop.

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