What Should We Do as Teenager to Face the Modern Life?

Question by dwi: What should we do as teenager to face the modern life?
i mean nowadays so many problem facing the modern people, especially teenagers. free social intercourse makes juvenile delin quence, drug abuse, even commit adulture among teenagers. so what should parents do to overcome these?

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United Way Hosts Best Chefs, Fine Wines Event in Garrison

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… will help the United Way achieve its goals of improving children's lives, educating the community on healthy lifestyle choices, building community gardens, and steering teens away from dangerous behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse, the United …
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“Starting after school and especially when it's dark, there's a bunch of teenagers who are trashing the place, setting things on fire, smoking marijuana and probably doing a lot more than that at night,” Ms. Perri said. “I know this has … You've got …
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According to Drug Free Arizona, one in five eighth-graders admits to abusing some kind of medication. In Tuesday's … very addictive. Richard said students who need help should ask for it and wants them to know they won't get in trouble; they will get …
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