What Sign Is the Most Susceptible to Becoming a Drug addict/Alcoholic?

Question by Buffoon: What sign is the most susceptible to becoming a drug addict/Alcoholic?

…Or, if you have any friends who are either of these, what sign are they?

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Answer by Marko
First place pisces,second place cancers

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Michigan teenage treatment for drug abuse 1-800-839-1682 – Drug abuse has over the years proven to be a very difficult issue to deal with and that is why it is necessary to seek professional help when faced with this…


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Autopsy shows former D-II star died of pneumonia

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Finnerty's wife told investigators that he had a past addiction to painkillers but had not taken any drugs since spending time in a rehabilitation center more than a year earlier. Jennifer Finnerty said it wasn't the first time he had a "paranoid …
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Private deterrent to drug problem

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SHERIDAN — There's a new pack of dogs in town itching to get in the game of local drug prevention. Dale Holder and his son, Sean, have set up shop in Big Horn and brought with them a pack of trained drug detection dogs to work under the LLC of Black …
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Five Ways to Curb Workplace Drug Risks

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Treatment guidelines also recommend periodic psychological evaluations and treatment to help manage the addictive effects of these powerful drugs. In most states studied, few injured workers received … The study states are Arkansas, Arizona …
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Marlin Jackson Helps Underserved Youth in Post-NFL Career

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Former Michigan football All-American Marlin Jackson (2001-04) grew up in Sharon, Pa., where he and his siblings endured a difficult childhood environment as the result of a mother who battled drug addiction and an absent father. He felt numb to the …
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