What to Do With a Sister Addicted to Pain Medication Leaving Out of Town?

Question by Diane: What to do with a sister addicted to pain medication leaving out of town?
My one sister just got married and is having her wedding reception down in Ohio and we are up in Michigan. My other sister wants to go and nobody wants to take her due to the fact that she causes drama on road trips and also at family functions on pain medication. This has been ongoing for about 8-10 years and I don’t know if I should check her baggage completely or just leave her here. The drama is already starting. She says that she’s not going to do it, and then she does. What do I do?

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Answer by juicyfruitishandsome
it sounds like shes going to do whatever she wants so i dont think you should stress/worry about it cause shes going to do what she wants/wanted to do

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