Whats a Non Religious Way to Overcome Addiction?

Question by IAmYourDoG: Whats a non religious way to overcome addiction?
I Dont have an addiction. I was doing research on alcaholism, pornography, and drugs. On every single program, especially the 12 step program has religious bias which may turn non-religious or other religions away from seeking help. So i was wondering is there a program other than doing it yourself, psychology/psychiatry, cold turkey, or hypnosis? This is just a research on programs.

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Answer by bug
Unfortunately, I have a daughter that had an addiction. We placed her in a great rehab facility and religion was there if you wanted it, but the main plan was classes. You had to attend classes and be ramdomly tested weekly. She had to live on campus for 1 month. She has kicked the habit and is doing great. She doesn’t even think of the addiction now.
Tough love and patience works well. It takes longer but it does work.
Good Luck with your research!

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