What’s More Dangerous, Anorexia, Drug Addiction or Alcoholism?

Question by Illuminate: What’s more dangerous, anorexia, drug addiction or alcoholism?

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Answer by Damon
I would say drug addiction or anorexia

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NEWSNIGHT: Matthew Perry debates drug courts and addiction with Peter Hitchens and Baroness Meacher – Think-tank Policy Exchange is calling for more drugs courts – on which former addicts might sit as magistrates – in the UK and has met Justice Secretary Chri…


Why I Care About Drug and Alcohol Use

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It's no secret that I'm outspoken about drug and alcohol use among young people. Being passionate about this issue can be tough. It would probably be easier to concern myself with a more universally appealing subject — helping sick kittens or …


Lowell man, 21, sentenced to prison for robbing bank

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LOWELL, Mich. (WZZM) – A Lowell man in need of drug money will spend three years in federal prison for the October robbery of a Fifth-Third bank about a half-mile from his home. Cody Reval Slaughter, 21, was also ordered to pay $ 1,955 in restitution to …
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SEE IT: Video shows shocking physical effects of drug use

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“The deterioration seen in consecutive photos is not necessarily the direct result of drugs or addiction, though in aggregate, it becomes clear that involvement in illegal drugs often brings with it a rapid, and tragic physical decline,” the website …
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5 Responses to What’s More Dangerous, Anorexia, Drug Addiction or Alcoholism?

  • Jack S says:

    Depends on the person and their ability to control each of those. I’ve heard that anorexia can have some serious, lifelong consequences. Though I’m sure the others you mentioned would too.

  • Gautham says:

    All are.. but anorexia cant be an addiction to overcome..so it’s much better compared to the rest.

  • RS says:

    Frankly, all are equally dangerous

  • Ann says:

    “Drug addiction” is widely dependent on the drug itself. For instance, heroin causes few long-term negative effects aside from addiction. Discounting the potential of overdose, it could be argued that heroin addiction is much safer than alcoholism or anorexia. At the same time, methamphetamine can cause irreversible damage to the human brain and body, moreso than long-term alcohol usage or anorexia.

    Additionally, alcoholism IS a drug addiction.

  • KJV says:

    All are

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