When Is Newark Mayor Cory Booker Going to Come to His Senses and Stop Building These Housing Projects?

Question by Bifrost: When is Newark Mayor Cory Booker going to come to his senses and stop building these housing projects?
Voltaire had once wrote “one must also be well mannered”. We already know that once the commoners are ignorant and superstitious they are their own catalyst for their persistent autonomous, self-replicating plight of the commoners. These residents tend to cling to the “Baptist Churches” so much, they are voluntarily blind to the for-profit groups that take advantage of the uneducated. Those housing projects are breeding grounds for drugs and gangs. If the people are weary of the “harassment” of the police officers, then why are the taxpayers punished and forced sacrificing their hard earned resources to keep them there? This man needs to open his eyes and learn that they only way to resolve this issue is to teach the inner city underclass responsibility.

Why not simply abolish the Section 8/HUD such as what NJ Governor Christie had suggested? Crime is likely to drop as there would be no more housing projects for drug dealers and gang members to nest in.

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Answer by Betty
Mayors do NOT build housing projects.

Nice try

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