Why Are People So Ignorant About the Way They Handle Homosexual Children?

Question by SunshineLoliPopsRainbowsUnicorns: Why are people so ignorant about the way they handle homosexual children?
I just posted a question about my daughter who has chosen to be gay and there seems to be a lot of people going berserk because we will not support her in this choice. Particularly that when she turned 18 asked her to move out and not support her education while she chooses to live this way.

How is this any different than someone with a drug addiction?

Would you enable a family member to an early grave?

I know all you liberals would, but I’m asking this to my fellow Christians.

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Answer by Ms. Lady
you don’t have to support her choice to be homosexual..,but as a parent, you should help her with her education.

i don’t support my brothers drug addiction, but i do visit him at a inpatient facility. just because of his addicition, doesn’t mean i don’t pray for him and try to support and help him get over this addiction.

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