Why Do People Say Alcholism Is a Disease ?

Question by Dee: Why do people say alcholism is a disease ?
this kinda upsets me , because a disease is something that you have no control over that your body dose on it’s own , you have the choice to purchase alchol , you have the choice to go to treatments , so if alchol is a disease than i guess you can say any addiction is a disease …i think it’s a addiction not a disease , i was a smoker for 15 years and quite , so since can i say i had a disease ?? i didnt have a disease i was nicotine addict and chose to stop ..i honestly wish someone can make me see the light , i honestly dont understand
navyexwife , I didnt say i was able to overcome my addiction without help , believe me quiting smoking was VERY HARD , but i used the support groups to my avantage and overcame it ..A disease is defined as a organ or body part that dose not function correctly so alcohlism , addictions in general are not a disease..and if it is indeed a disease which nobody has shown me different yet , there is indeed a cure , it’s called detox and rehab , it’s there choice not to treat there so called “disease” ..I bet you a cancer patient or a hiv patient would jump on any chance for a cure , so i dont think it’s fair to call it a disease , and almost insulting to those who do indeed have real diseaes

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Answer by Navyexwife
Because it is
Alcoholics surrender their control to their vice
And you could say any addiction is a disease
Addicts need help, just because you were able to overcome yours without help, does not mean everyone else can

Once you live with an alcohol addict or a drug addict or a sex addict and see how powerless they are to their addiction, you do realize it is out of their control
They are sick, and they need help
Was not trying to put you down, it is admirable what you did, some people cannot, even with support groups, they need drastic outside intervention when they do want to change

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