Why Have Governments Around the World Allowed the Illegal Trade of Illicit Drugs to Spiral Out of Control?

Question by Seraphim: Why have governments around the world allowed the illegal trade of illicit drugs to spiral out of control?
What is the appeal with taking drugs, like heroin, ecstasy and cannabis knowing the harm that they cause? As far as I know, kids are taking a plant food product, called Miaow. Why?

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It’s not about ‘allowing’ it, the drugs war is fundamentally unwinnable, as was alcohol prohibition

All it does is gives criminal gangs large amounts of power and money

Drugs taking is a victimless crime and drug dealing is massively profitable, so it will always occur and corrupt the officials who should stop it because people don’t feel guilty about facilitating people getting high. You can’t use force to stop people getting high, they can do it in secret and nobody will report them because it is a victimless crime, it’s unpoliceable, in the UK they only stop 1% of drugs being taken per year despite spending billions!

The only way to manage drugs is legalisation, tax, and education. Experiments have shown in countries such as Portugal that treating drug use as a medical issue not a criminal issue actually reduces use and harm.

What’s the appeal? Have you ever tried drugs? They are fun, and most of them are far less harmful than alcohol


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