Will a Person Convicted on His Second Felony Be Sent to Prison?

Question by lorkell: Will a person convicted on his second felony be sent to prison?
What are the laws for ny state for felony on drug possession and so forth? and why doesn’t the system provide a better and manditory drug rehab for convicted felons instead of just throwing them away? we, the tax payers have to pay for them to sit in prison, why not put our money into trying to correct the problem? Prison makes the problem worse!

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Answer by greyhound6375
I spent ten years in prison. From what I’ve seen, rehab only works if the user is fed up with their mistakes and truly is ready for change. Most rehab doesn’t work. That said, in Virginia, drug rehab is the majority of the programs budget for prison, so there is quite a lot being done to try to help addicts.

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