Will Pretending to Be Christian Help Me to Pull More Pretty Korean Girls?

Question by Prometheus Unbound: Will pretending to be Christian help me to pull more pretty Korean girls?
BQ: What is it about Korean culture that lends itself and so many Koreans towards the Christian worldview? Why is Christianity so appealing to the ‘Korean psyche’ if such a thing can be said to exist?

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Answer by Chilli
It may be a case of an Asian country that prides itself as being “above” its Asian neighbours by being Christian. After all, missionaries always tell their potential converts that they will always be “primitive” and “backward” until they accept Christianity and forget their Buddhist heritage. It is called being naive and unfortunately, they are taken advantage of.

@ Music: I am neither a Muslim nor a Christian and therefore do not have a holier than thou attitude that all the Bible-based religions have. Unlike your religion-induced beliefs, I believe that all humans are equal and deserve to be treated with respect, regardless of their religion. For this belief, I have been disrespectfully told by both Muslims and Christians that my religion is fake and weak. But that is okay, it not illegal to be ignorant and 5tupid.
United States: Christians drop Atom Bombs on the Marshall Islands (where people live) to test the effects of radiation on them. Those people and their descendants suffer from cancers today. It’s not in your Christian-American history text books that are used in schools today. BRAINWASH.

USA: Christian missionaries molested and raped Native American children because they were considered to be “devil’s children” by “Christian” standards.

@ MUSIC in response to your 2nd rant: Where in my post does it suggest that I am a Muslim? I am not a Muslim but it shouldn’t matter what religion I am unless you are a racist, holier than thou critic of others that cannot handle being given the same treatment that you give others. You have been a beneficiary of courtesies by non-Christians that you do not extend to them. My posts are open for anyone to read and any reasonable person will see that you must be on drugs.

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