Will the Federal Government Probably Pick This Case Up?

Question by hopefull or hopeless…?: Will the Federal Government probably pick this case up?
A felon drug offender that has been to 2 prison treatment programs and got out on probation and was in the possession of 6 stolen fire arms. He was not in the possession of drugs and guns at the same time. Just has prior drug felonies. How hard up is the Federal Government for cases? Educated statements please.

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Answer by Obamavenger
Sounds like a case for the locals.

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Jail program helping rehab repeat offenders – The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is trying to reduce overcrowding in the county jail by helping inmates kick their drug habits and finding them new jobs. …


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SANTA CRUZ — A Santa Cruz outreach program aimed at breaking women from cycles of drug use and jail stints is reversing normal rates of offender recidivism, a new study has found. Gemma, a program of the Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County …
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Man in N. Kato drug, gun case gets prison

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He will still have to be approved for the program by DOC officials. Before sentencing Caya, Krehbiel told his family she had received their letters asking her to consider treatment instead of prison. She said that wasn't an option because Caya's …
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Obama admin sidesteps Congress to liberate prison policy

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