Are African American Generally Violent and Aggressive Law Breakers?

Question by Dewey: Are African American generally violent and aggressive law breakers?
The National Institute of Drug Abuse estimated that while 12 percent of drug users are black, they make up nearly 50 percent of all drug possession arrests in the U.S.

If this is true then at least 50% of black here in Y!! Boxing is drug user and pushers just like their idol mayweather family! Can you name some of them?

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Answer by chicaloca
You are reading that statistic incorrectly. That’s the problem with statistics. People misuse them.
According to YOUR source 50% of the ARRESTS are of African Americans, not that 50% of African Americans have or use drugs.
I don’t know if that statistic is true, but I would guess that it is not an accurate statement of drug use. It is just the documented info this particular article used.

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