How Much Jail Time Might I Do if I Turn Myself in on My Warrent?

Question by stil runnin: How much jail time might I do if I turn myself in on my warrent?
In 2004 I caught my second felony possesion charge. I recieved a 4 month treatment program and 18 months probation for my crime. I completed the 4 month treatment program and another 4 months of probation. That left me with 10 months on my probation But I started getting high and screwed up my drops for the probation officer. He gave me a chance to clean up my act and I didn’t take it. I was supposed to drop clean but I couldn’t stop using. So I made the stupid descision of drinking a substance that was supposed to help me drop clean but only wound up getting detected. So my probation officer violated me for 3 dirty drops and said the 3rd was alterated. I was terrified of going to jail while still using, so I went on the run and have been running since November 2005.
I’m in a program now and have been clean and free of drugs since April 2006. I have paperwork that will back that up . Does anyone think a jugde will show some mercy? Serious answers only. This is in Illinois.

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Answer by sgoldperson
Don’t know Illinois but some judges will show mercy. You will still face time though. See if you can Plea Bargain though. Look you screwed up, that can’t be changed. That doesn’t mean they won’t go by a minimum punishment as oppose to the max.

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