Are Certain Types of Adolescents Prone to Drug Abuse?

Question by marie: are certain types of adolescents prone to drug abuse?
Are certain “types” of adolescents more prone to drug abuse than others?

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Answer by Raging Moderate
Drug abuse can be experimentation or it can be hard core addiction. Depends on your definition. However, any kid may be prone to experimentation. I know plenty of kids in my day that experimented and used drugs recreationally without ruining their lives. Hard addictions can be caused by an addictive personality, which can be hard to spot before it is too late, or a kid with a lot of turmoil in his life and they use for escape. Family problems, socializing problems, pressures to excel, physical abuse, sexual abuse and so on. All these things can exacerbate the potential for addiction but when it comes right down to it, it depends on the character of the kid. I believe that kids, the same as adults, will chose a healthier path if they see hope for their lives and the possibility of success. Example: a middle class kid may see that they can go to college and get a good job and live as well or better than their parents. A kid in the ghetto may not see a way to get beyond the neighborhood for any number of reasons. Who is more desperate for excape?

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