Got an MIP in Georgia?

Question by Ashton Corbin: Got an MIP in Georgia?
I got a Minor in Possession in a small town called Appling near Augusta. My first offense. I’m 18. The only other thing I have on my record are traffic tickets. Cannot really afford a lawyer… What is going to happen? Should I be really worried?

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Answer by Ben

In Ga, if convicted, a MIP can get you a max sentence of a $ 300 fine, 6 months jail, and a 6 month license suspension along with mandatory Drug and Alcohol classes within 120 days of conviction. State statutes give a judge the option for probation, entry into a diversion program or comprehensive rehab for first time offender. Generally what happens for first time offenders is probation while attending a Drug and Alcohol Program and dismissed upon completion. If not successful in the program or probation guidelines, you get the fine and 20 days jail time

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