Are Drug-Alcohol Addictions a Diagnosed Mental Illness or Is It a Way of Life That May Involve Disorders?

Question by AnonymousGuy: Are drug-alcohol addictions a diagnosed mental illness or is it a way of life that may involve disorders?
I know different then normal sexual orientation and reactive attachment disorder are not in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and so while psychologists look into them they are not a known mental illness. I wondered what alcohol and drug addictions are. I recently described alcoholism as largely out of ones control because it is a disease. Also is family member of a drug addict or alcohol considered a mental illness as I hear it is a family disease. It is not in my family so I don’t know alot about it but was asking someone who does have it in their family and recently saw their mother go sober after 15 years.

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Answer by Semtex
Alcohol or drug addiction is not a mental illness. It’s a physical illness which sometimes causes or is a result of mental illness, other times it’s just a result of partying for far too long and ending up addicted to things that you once did just for fun.

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