Why Did These Souls Choose to Incarnate Again?

Question by Artemis: Why did these souls choose to incarnate again?

“Many people have asked me why a soul would choose alcoholism or drug addiction as a life lesson. Some may have to go through it because they were judgmental of alcoholics in a past life and need to come back and experience it themselves. I have seen several souls who have destroyed their bodies in past lives because of substance abuse. They then have to keep reincarnating until they stop the self destructive cycle and break the addiction. I have seen other souls who simply want to have the experience of drug or alcohol dependency.”

Echoes of the Soul – Echo Bodine

So why are people judgmental?

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Answer by scrubbag
People are judgmental because that is their nature…humans. We set goals for ourselves, and then judge others who set different goals. Our goals are better, after all, are they not? So if our goals are better, why are people choosing different goals.? We then judge them.

I choose to make a loaf of bread using white, bleached flour, while my neighbor chooses to use brown unbleached flour. He then judges me, on my bread, saying his is better. But he then eats a whole loaf a day, while I eat a quarter of a loaf….is his bread still better then mine, health wise?
He uses pure butter, I use a spread made with oils, cannola and olive oil. Who is judging who, here?

I am just as bad as he is, in judging others. Actually, I don’t make bread, I just used that as an example. That is to show how people can be judgmental, on all things. Even on what people drive, where they work, what they do in their spare time.

I used to drink, pretty heavily…until I decided, it was ME I was destroying, not my friends. They were doing a good job of it themselves, they didn’t need me to help them. IF I wanted to quit destroying my body, it was up to ME, and not them, do do so. So I did. I stopped drinking. And I am much better off now for it. Not only health wise, but monetarily also.

But I don’t try to judge people because of their drinking, They have a problem, they need help, if they cannot stop on their own. I just try to understand, why they are doing this to themselves. They have their reasons, or they wouldn’t be doing it.

I have had a few “friends” stop visiting with me, since I stopped drinking. but that is okay. I have to live my life for ME….not for them. IF drinking was the only way I could associate with them, I guess I just do not associate with them.

People are judgemental, because they think THEY are right, and others are not.

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