First Offense Aggravated Assaut Charge in Pa?

Question by Cappychic: First offense aggravated assaut charge in pa?
My boyfriend attacked someone out of self defense he bit off part of someones ear,this is his first offense,he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol,he thought the other guy was going to attack him,how long will he go to jail what can he due to get the sentence reduced??? From what I see he could go to jail for 5 or more years!!!
unfirtunatly he was using meth,he had not been sleeping or eating right,when I asked him what was wrong he told me he was depressed,I never did meth and know nothing about it,he is very thin and not a fighter,the guy he attacked was twice his size and came at him with his fist in the air,my bf and the guy were struggling then he bit the other guys ear,the victim got surgery my bf has already spent 2 weeks in jail,he is off the drugs and alcohol and regrets what he had done,it is his first offense and totally out of character for him,he got mixed uo with a bad crowd at his work……Im not at all happy about what he did but for the 7 years I was with him he was a good man and never hurt anyone…..I feel he should be punished and pay the medical bills and he needs NA and AA,I know what he did is horrific but any help would be appreciated

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Answer by demos_jones
Biting off a part of someone’s body? First offense? Misunderstood? And admittedly hopped up on dope? This boy’s only hope is a lawyer, and that’s not so assured, either.

Biting off a part of someone’s body? And it’s “self defense”??? Long past the defense part. Oh, and it was defense because he THOUGHT the other guy was going to attack?

I know that there are living, breathing human beings that actually buy into such a ludicrous defense, but it still amazes me. 10,000 years of human evolution has brought us…. this.

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