Can I Lose My Social Security Disability Benefits Because I Start Going to a Methadone Clinic?

Question by : Can I lose my social security disability benefits because I start going to a methadone clinic?
I was going to pain management for many years and started abusing my meds. I have been in a Methadone Maintenance program before, but now that I am receiving monthly disability checks for my medical condition I am scared this might throw up a red flag and I will lose my disability because of me having an addiction/ substance abuse problem. I know from a previous experience that they ask for your SSN so they can create your new patient number from the state.

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Answer by Maggie Tyler
Not if it is rx by a doctor and your physical condition stays the same. At review, yes, it would bring up some red flags as to is your pain and limitations due to real pain or drug seeking issues. But, if it is medically needed and your physical condition has not changed, then should not be an issue.

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