How Are People and the Government Helping the Poor Especially With Food? (Look at Details)?

Question by imputh: How are people and the government helping the poor especially with food? (look at details)?
there are a lot of homeless people, people that cant afford much. what are people and the government doing?

i have soup kitchens, food drives, welfare money, red cross

what other things help people- links would be nice?

i need to write a paper about some guy who said population would b more than food available vs. present day

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Answer by Linda k
Personally I don’t think it is a shortage of food. For one thing grocery stores and restaurants throw away food instead of giving it to the poor. I think the food banks and shelters should make their needs made known to places that waste food and work something out with them rather than having food thrown away. Maybe you could call some places like food banks and shelters to get some information.
People do not like to hear this but I see it first hand
many people take someone to the grocery store and buy them food with their foodstamps in exchange for money for the drug dealer and then cry about how poor they are and don’t have food for their kids.

This is the average monthly budget in priority of my neighbors

cable 40.00
internet 60.00
phone 60.00
car payment, insurance 250.00
entertainment center from Rent A Center 120.00
electric 60.00
gas 80.00
water 40.00
broke for rest of month

sell foodstamps
cry kids are starving

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