Can Someone Please Tell Me How to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Rohnert Park, California?

Question by aisha t: Can someone please tell me how to find addiction treatment centers in Rohnert Park, California?
This is for my brother. We’ve only just moved here at the beginning of the month, and he’s gotten himself into bad company already. They influenced him into taking drugs, and now he’s so much different from the way he was before. Sometimes I look at him and I wonder whether he’s the same brother that I used to climb trees with, the brother who used to help me with my homework. Last night, we got into a fight, and though he hurt me, it also made me realize that even though he’s a drug addict now, he’s still my brother, and I would do anything to get him to go back to the way he once was. Please help.

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Answer by ahtziri s
That’s so sad. I feel for you. It’s really hard when one of our loved ones is suffering from drug addiction. Don’t worry, with the right treatment, your brother can recover. He has to will it, though, otherwise, he’ll just keep on relapsing. That’s why it’s really important that you’re there for him. It’s good that you offer him support and love because he needs it now, probably more than he ever has in his life. As for the addiction treatment centers, the links below have lists of them. Good luck! I really hope your brother gets well soon.

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