How Can I Stop My Unhealthy Behaviors and Addiction Once and for All?

Question by sk8ter: How can I stop my unhealthy behaviors and addiction once and for all?
I find it so hopeless to quit my addiction and other unhealthy behaviors. The more I try to stop something, the more it bugs me. The more I stop thinking about it, the more it haunts me. The more I control the urges, the more they haunt me. What can I do about this? Help me, please. Thanks.

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Answer by ChiMom
Not knowing what addictions you are referring to, make it difficult to give advice.

You work of keeping yourself free from an addiction one day at a time.
You stay away from the thing you are addicted to–and people and things associated with it.
There are inpatient/detox centers if you are addictied to alcohol or drugs.
There are 12 step Program meetings, books, etc which provide great support.
There is therapy with a counselor/psychiatrist.
medication may also help.
Addictions are compulsive behaviours that a person does to help cope with something.
You need to find out what it is you are trying to cope with–by using an addiction.

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